Tech Talk Tokyo #2

Tue, 24 May 2016 19:30 - 21:00

RareJob offce@Harajuku

Kyocera harajuku building2F,6-27-8,Jingumae,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo

Masaki Takahashi Taisuke Yamada Chris Smith はた Yasunaka Cho Yves-Eric Martin Jean Yahiaoui Jeff Crawford Yuji Suginome 小橋俊介 上垣 将人 向山裕介 Tomohiko  Ikeda Taka / 雀巽(じゃくそん) chuck FUJIMOTO Takahisa + 7 more participants

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What is Tech Talk Tokyo?

Tech Talk Tokyo is a space with a concept that global engineers get together to have fun, where they have a lightening talk about “Tech” and send their ideas to the audience.

It might give you an impression that sending your ideas or anything to audience is difficult. But Tech Talk Tokyo is a casual space to talk about anything you want about Tech.

Tech Talk Tokyo#1 Report

Audience Wanted

If you are interested in coming along, please click “Register.”
**We don’t call for speakers this time, but we will from next time.

Content of the talk

It’s a lightening talk, and we would like you to talk about what you are interested in about “Tech,” what you have developed these three months, etc for 5 minutes.


Let’s have a fan time with other participants with “Tech” and “Global” as words in common. We will prepare some alcohol and some pizza.

Time Program
19:15 open a door
19:30 Start, short speech
19:40 Networking
20:10 LT① Tetsuya Matsuzawa
20:15 LT② Takanori Saiki
20:20 LT③ Paul McMahon "Why Ember?"
20:25 Networking
21:00 Finish

Speakers of this time

  • RareJob Inc. Back-End Engineer Tetsuya Matsuzawa
    He worked as a Back-End engineer for more than 10 years , he joined RareJob in 2015 .
    He has the development experience of a variety of systems from small to large scale .
    He is good at , especially performance and relationships highly DB design .

  • Takanori Saiki, PIXTA Inc., Software Engineer
    Takanori joined Nihon Unisys, Ltd. after graduating from Osaka University.
    He worked there for about two years and then joined PIXTA Inc.
    He currently develops fotowa ( which is a brand-new
    web service by PIXTA.

  • Paul McMahon, Doorkeeper Inc, Representative Director
    Paul came to Japan in 2006 and found a job as a developer at a Japanese startup. Since then, he's founded two companies, the latest of which being Doorkeeper (this service!). As an active member of the local developer community, he organises Tokyo Rubyist Meetup, EmberJS Tokyo, and Machida Tech Night. Additionally, he writes about life as a foreign developer and entrepreneur at TokyoDev.

We welcome your participation

-Engineers in IT/Web industry and who like Tech (Ruby/Javascript/CSS/Python/Go/R/Java/C/Swift/PHP/Perl/etc)
-Web/IT Engineers who are interested in working globally

Are you going to be late?

The main door will be closed at 8pm, please watch this.

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